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Une étudiante Finlandaise à l'Ecole d'Assas


Dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+, l’École d’Assas est heureuse d’accueillir Beata, étudiante finlandaise en fin d’études de kinésithérapie. Actuellement en stage en clinique privée, Beata a auparavant travaillé en neurologie à la Pitié-Salpétrière. Elle nous raconte ici son expérience. En anglais.

My name is Beata and I come from Finland, the land of the thousand lakes. I’m on my fourth year of studies in physiotherapy at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. Our studies take 3,5 years so I will graduate after my Erasmus exchange. Seinäjoki is located in Southern Ostrobothnia. It is not a very big town (compared to for example Paris) because the city population is just above 60.000.

finlandaise kiné ErasmusI have already done one internship here in Paris and that was in Pitié-Salpétrière hospital. I worked with neurological patients the whole internship because I had requested to have an internship like that. I really enjoyed my time there and it was interesting because I have done a similar internship in Finland. My internship place in Finland was also in a big hospital in a ward of rehabilitation for neurological patients. There weren’t many differences between practices of rehabilitating neurological patients. One difference that caught my eye was equipment. In Finland we use a little bit more technology in the rehabilitation. At least in a big hospital like the one in which I’ve done an internship. They do for example robot-assisted walking training in there. Robot-assistance allows the patient to get a feedback of a symmetrical walk to the brain.

finlandaise kiné ErasmusMy on-going internship is in a private practice. In there I have a chance to work with all age groups, and patients have a large variety of diagnosis and problems. I’m thankful to have this kind of experience as well because I feel I lack experience in certain areas of physiotherapy. I’ve studied French language in Finland but at first when I came here in Paris, it was a real struggle to understand and speak French. After spending some time here, it has become easier (but not too easy) to use French. Practicing the language was one of the reasons why I chose France as my Erasmus destination. I love Paris and I find it very beautiful. I’ve had some free time to explore this city but at the end of my stay I’ll have one week of vacation when I intend to really enjoy what Paris has to offer.

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